{ Mind - Body - Soul }

Upon discussion and in agreement with you, I build a tailored programme with the elements of my toolbox (speaking therapy, mindfulness, sophrology, energetics, intuitive guidance, business knowledge) to address your intentions. These objectives can be professional (using my 15 years + of consulting, strategy, operations and innovation) or personal. Whilst providing the means and intuitive / grounded guidance, you remain responsible of the results. Results which will depend upon the willingness and the commitment you make to yourself for your transformation. It's not about thriving / pushing. It's about letting your logic guards down to let your best self emerge.

Why choosing this program?


  • Ready to break into your next level

  • Fulfilling life but something is not quite right, 

  • Lost your ability to enjoy life

  • Know that a move / a change needs to be done but lacking confidence in identifying and taking the steps


  • Stagnant or difficult start of your professional activity

  • Seeking external advisory on subject matters and setting up business

  • Finding your authentic voice

  • Career boost / change / transition


Soul Based (Hands On, Psycho-Energetics)

Practice which is the most adaptable pending upon what the person / the unconscious of the person is ready to acknowledge and shift. The principle is to connect to the person energy field and support the release of lower density / frequencies.

With energy work:

  • Impact the whole {mind-emotion-body} system simultenaeously

  • Soul calling, knowing that there is more for you

  • Support cancer treatment (ease at least the after effect and pain generated by the treatment)

  • Understanding your consciousness awakening and supporting your ascension journey

  • Start / deepen shadow alchemy

  • Develop your innate extra sensorial abilities

  • Looking for a spiritual mentor​ / teache


Cognitive Therapy based

Practice coming from ancient eastern culture, which has been popularised in the US via Jon Kabat Zin with the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and later on in the UK with the MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) to support people going through depression. The main point is to fully experience the now moment in full awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations in the body.

Mindfulness allows

  • Foundation to start your self development journey​ and meditation practice

  • To tackle mild stress and anxiety

  • To develop self awareness, meta cognition and emotional intelligence skills

  • Understanding the science behind meditation


Body based (Relaxation, Visualisation/Hypno)

​Practice combining qigong, zen buddishm concept, deep relaxation and hypnosis created by the neuropsychiatrist A. Caycedo extremely popular in Continental Europe. Sophrology mainly works with body sensations and {Mind-Body} integrated system

These technics help:

  • Improving quality of life (Sleep disorder, deep anxiety and stress, ​self confidence, boosting creativity, phobia, addictions)

  • Preparing scheduled events to reduce anxiety levels and improve focus ( acting performance, public speaking, sport competition, pregnancy, any type of exams, driving test)

  • Supporting medical treatments (but not replacing) : preparation to & recovery from a surgery / injury, cancer, IVF

  • Great support of (but not replacing) psychotherapy, counselling as helping anchoring the person into their body

I offer a specific antenatal and hypnobirthing course. It's a very powerful course where the women reconnect with the intuitive knowing of birth, allowing her to be more calm and in control on the day no matter the circumstances.


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