Angélique Peigné

& Wellness Expert


I tailor my bespoke programs to meet your individual needs on your path to empowerment.

These programs are aimed at bettering people's lifes, loosen stress to install confidence, quiet monkey minds to access your inner wisdom and unleash greater creativity. You will notice a change of mindset, of behavior and ultimately the outlook of your own story (Health, Work, Relationships at the same time ) will take an interesting spin. PRESENCE. AUTHENTICITY.

This journey is about unleashing the gold within you. The only pre-requisites are to have an open mind, take on the responsibility to listen at a deeper level to yourself with goodness, and have the courage to face your fears (which in reality are most of the time smaller than what we think they are). I will be there to guide and support you during all the stages of your transformation to becoming self reliant. We will be going deep, and it will surely be emotional but even more magical.

 P A U S E   .   R E S E T   .   S P A R K L E


{ Mind - Body - Soul }

Upon discussion and in agreement with you, I build a tailored programme with the elements of my toolbox (speaking therapy, mindfulness, sophrology, energetics, intuitive guidance, business knowledge) to address your intentions.

My personal objective: MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

These objectives can be professional (using my 15 years + of consulting, strategy, operations and innovation) or personal. Whilst providing the means and intuitive / grounded guidance, you remain responsible of the results. Results which will depend upon the willingness and the commitment you make to yourself for your transformation. It's not about thriving / pushing. It's about letting your logic guards down to let your best self emerge.

Why choosing this program?


  • Ready to BREAK INTO your NEXT LEVEL

  • Fulfilling life but something is not quite right, 

  • Lost your ability to enjoy life

  • Know that a move / a change needs to be done but lacking confidence in identifying and taking the steps


  • Stagnant or difficult start of your professional activity

  • Seeking external advisory on subject matters and setting up business

  • Finding your authentic voice

  • Career boost / change / transition


Contact Me

I am based in West London near Hammersmith where i host individual and group sessions but can as well come to your office (Europe). My activities lead me to be frequently in Paris.

In addition to in-person sessions, I do offer my services via Skype, Zoom and other online platforms.

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