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"My mentoring with Angélique was at the same time incredible, powerful and surprising, I would even say afterwards that it was a real rebirth! It was above all an intuition that pushed me to undertake this work with Angélique, like the impression of a stuck cork that needed help to be expelled. I was stagnating in my personal and professional life, and I heard the resonance between Angélique's words during an interview. And indeed, Angélique took me out of all my comfort zones, all the corks literally burst! Definitive break with a relationship whose end had been dragging on for months; setting up a new service line of distant healing which I thought I was incapable of, completely unthinkable for me; exit from the bully-victim-savior circle that i was taking part of within my family. In my professional activity; a massive opening of the heart space and exacerbated energetic sensations, a deep sense of renewal. All of Angélique's talent resides in the fact that everything unfolds smoothly, in the order in which things should naturally go, with remarkable speed and acumen!

The presence of Angelique and her involvement is total, I felt so supported throughout the process. I recommend Angelique to all those who would feel the call and cross her path, even if it is beyond all reason, beyond all logic, even if the financial aspect seems too much. I thank myself a thousand times for having listened to this call and I thank Angélique a thousand times for the unimaginable work that has been done, the greatest gift being to have reconnected with this deep inner joy, this connection to my soul and to my heart. And this deep assurance towards my being and my innate gifts . "


Coline Cornefert, Kinesiologue

I had an incredible journey with Angelique. When I started the program in the mid October 2019, I was deeply depressed, anxious, tearful and extremely stressed. My world and body were collapsing and I felt powerless to do anything about that. I couldn’t sleep and was having panic attacks. I felt pain and stiffness in my body and huge emotional misbalance. My energy levels were extremely low.

I have chosen to start the healing program with Angelique as she has a unique set of knowledge, skills, abilities that is combined with a very high level of pure healing energy. 

The program itself lasted 8 weeks. Already after my 3rd session, I started to feel the difference in the quality of my life. My stress level reduced and depression were fading away. I started to feel more positive and optimistic about life. Most importantly, my panic attacks disappeared and I finally was able to sleep.
After balancing my emotional state and releasing stress from my body, Angelique continued the program with a focus on improving my confidence and strengthening my emotional and physical well being.

As the result of the 8 week program, I am free of any symptoms of depression or physical discomfort. I am feeling happy, relaxed, confident, balanced and excited about life! New perspective started even to open at work.

I am very grateful to Angelique for guiding me to the light from a very dark place. I can’t thank her enough. She an amazing person, therapist and healer!

Lili D., Bloomberg

“Angelique masterfully brings together spirituality, healing, truthfulness and authenticity to her practice. In my sessions with her, I have been able to find honest clarity in often complex challenges and subconscious inhibitions. As an Olympian, I understood the value and importance of mental, physical and spiritual alignment but I never fully appreciated its relevance or power outside the world of sport until I started working with Angelique. Her practice not only helps you diagnose the roots of the challenge and obstacle but she gives you the tools to heal, grow and evolve as a person and spiritual being.

Emily Brydon, Youth Foundation / former Canandian alpine skier (9 World cup podium, 3 Olympics) 

I had individual consultations with Angelique while going through my pregnancy and have received a great reassurance and a gentle support in my discomfort/doubts. She was very attentive to my body needs and picked up on many a patterns of various physical activities I carried through my life and experiences I had, at the end it all has come together and made sense to me. The approach Angelique is using is integrative of several disciplines and holistic in spirit and in practical application. I would recommend her to any woman who considers a more natural way for herself to be dealing with the pregnancy and delivery, than the traditional medicine is currently offering.

Yulia Ushakova

I would like to say a huge thank you to Angelique Peigne. I am a singer and have always suffered from stage anxiety to some extent or other. It was only 3 weeks before my Debut Concert that I was referred to Angelique to help me overcome these issues. In only 3 sessions with her, with a specific set of technics and Energy, I overcame my stage anxiety (which books and video I watched had no effect on). To be honest, it felt like a miracle as I couldn't believe how confident I felt being on stage and in other areas of my life. She has a soothing and calming voice which helped me settle and as these were a part of recorded exercises , I was able to practice them everyday. Her approach was very personable and she made me feel at ease right from the get go. I would highly recommend Angelique.

Ekta Rana

Angelique is a rare combination of business executive and gifted person. The skills and knowledge she acquired in the corporate life and her gift make her a very special woman. Not only she can help you in your personal life and growth path but she can guide you through the business spheres. She helped me many times going through personal and professional crisis with the strong belief that you can only get out stronger and wiser if you listen to your inner self and trust your divine part. Her panoply of tools (energetics, meditation, sophrology, Reiki and others) combined with her empathy and understanding of human thoughts and behaviours make her a trustful professional I would highly recommend for anyone willing to embrace their full potential. On the top of that Angelique truly loves people. 

Chloe K, Global Development Director of a CAC 40 / Euronext 100 company

I have had trouble with insomnia and anxiety for many years. I tried various traditional relaxation treatments, including massage, yoga, meditation, even 12 sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I knew Angelique had expertise in various healing techniques. In only one session, Angelique made me flip all mood swings and feeling on the edge all the time with small things throwing me over the line, my bad sleep for few weeks, permanent tiredness, sensation of being stuck at work overthinking if my new role was the right move, plus my relationship at bay. Her energy and the warmth that she transmits to others is difficult to explain. Advice and insight were also unique. My partner was very impressed of my change immediately after that 1st session and the evolution the following weeks.  Angelique is very passionate about helping people and has a very calming effect on people. Only talking to her makes me relaxed which makes me believe that people suffering from Anxiety would benefit hugely from working with her. I definitely recommend her energy treatments. It is not always easy to find a person who truly wants to help you and is that gifted.

Vera Uboysteva

I have been through major changes in my career and it has been very daunting, especially now I'm at the in between point where i haven't quite stepped into my new life. Having a channelled reading with angel was just what I needed. It helped me to see that I was on the right track and that there was no need to worry, things are going to get moving soon. She gave me tools to help the process along and also important messages about how to best look after my body. I was absolutely thrilled with the reading, everything she said resonated with me and I think it was the fastest hour of my life! I will definitely seek guidance from angel again, I feel 100 times stronger than before the session. Thank you Angel.

Jaclyn Smith

Working with Angelique was a pleasure. She is very comfortable with deeply intense issues  and heldspace in a way which made me feel trusting, safe, and ready to explore difficult issues. She has a great intuitive sense for things, and her confident easy manner helped guide me to important healing and realisations.

Faheem Chowdury

Angelique provides great and specific guidance, on both down-to-earth and multidimensional spiritual level. We had a wonderful session where she guided me to interact with sirian energies and my soul's rememberance got triggered - It was the 1st time i understood what this lifetime means to my soul and what my soul is looking to accomplish here. She also always offer spot-on-advice that focuses on learning to stand in your own power and not look for validation outside of yourself. She leads by example when it comes to questioning what other say and teaches to always rely on the "inner compass". Thank you Angelique.

Sophie J 

The course was fantastic and a real insight into Mindfulness and how meditation can really help your mind and body interact in many situations which I just found amazing. Angelique made me feel relaxed straight away with not only her persona but with her extensive knowledge of how Mindfulness meditation, amongst her other knowledge, can help with everyday life, whether at work or at home.  The 6 week course I attended was very inspiring and I learnt how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into my daily life.  I will forever be grateful to Angelique for inviting me to attend the course.

Yvonne, BP

“This has been a very value adding course and would be more effective if I was more engaged / following the actions more regularly. My work was quite stressful since just before November and I expect it to calm down hopefully by end of February. Regardless, this has given a lot of clarity and some good progress on all areas. Continuing this series could really help.”

Karim, BP

Being involved in the Mindfulness Course was a great step for me and it came just in line with me being administered new medication, which has also greatly helped. Angelique has a wide range of experience and I also found it easy to talk to her as she listens as well as gives advice. I hold Angelique in very high esteem. She is also highly trained and skilled. There were slides, chatting with other colleagues, life experiences, how to cope on a day to day basis with ailments like Depression and Anxiety, fight or flight, in which this case it is very much FIGHT, but in a calm and positive kind of way! At the end of the course I have found that with Angelique's help, training and practical homework sessions that I have greatly improved on the personal subjects and I still use her methods and will do for a very long time. Depression and Anxiety is very common now what with the pressures of work, money, travel, having a family etc. I have found my happy self again that has been lost for at least six months, even my wife and kids have noticed and I owe it all to just one person!!! "Dont beat yourself up".

Ian Connell, BP

“I liked the emphasis on practical activities that can be applied in the workplace or at home. They can be integrated into daily life by professionals working in a  busy job. I also liked the diversity of mindfulness approaches introduced, so individuals can find what works for them and build into a daily practise.

The group format was nice with some very open sharing and mutual support.”

Mark, BP

“When I joined the course I took a leap of faith. Particularly walking into a room and knowing no one person in that room, and making the decision that I am committed to this mindfulness group for six weeks. This action was the first indication to me that I was open and ready for change. As the weeks progressed I relaxed more, found my voice and courage getting stronger and surprisingly I didn’t worry about what I was going to say or how other people might think of me. I felt free and what I was saying had a purpose (and I still do). I have studied yoga, meditation and more recently tai chi and thought I understood my mind and body but this course opened up a new level of understanding. The only way I can describe how I now feel is that I have shed a layer of worry/stress, and I didn’t even realise I was carrying this extra weight with me until I learned how to let it go. The energy I am saving, which was wasted on inconsequential worries, now fuels me onto positivity and changing what I don’t like. I’m in the early days of change but every so often I think to myself “oh yes, this did upset me, why did it upset me”. I smile more and like passing on that happiness.

 This course has reminded me it is okay being me, and given me techniques I can use whenever I need them. I am more focused, happier, creative and able to step back and analyse before acting/reacting. I am mindful at work and mindful away from work. I highly recommend this course!

Angelique’s technique, listening skills, observation and experience has started me on a journey of self-discovery. I can testify that the techniques Angelique uses are very powerful and with her guidance you can start your own journey.

Michelle, BP

the course for me has been an amazing insight into the power of mindfulness.  As a parent with a child who has lots and lots of hospital appointments I can’t even begin to describe how much this has helped me manage both my professional and personal life. I used to think mindfulness is a load of nonsense. Having tried and failed to get to grips with yoga several times I think you are the perfect teacher to help individuals wishing to learn more and see how they can incorporate mindfulness into their life. Doesn’t take the problems away but certainly helps you deal with them with some clarity.

I felt that one hour was the right length of time and the short meditations bursts were a very good foundation to build on.  Until this course I never really understood what ‘clear your mind’ means. The course has benefitted me in many ways from managing my stress levels to learning to be patient. Slowly I am really learning to bring mindfulness into my everyday life including when stuck in a traffic jam I use it and instantly feel calmer to difficult conversations.

Kam, BP

I personally enjoyed the course and wish I could have attended number 6. It was great to have some dedicated time during work even if it was only 1 hour a week to learn about the science with a practical, yet reflective approach. For me it has really helped to develop my practice over the 6 weeks. After each session I would feel lighter, happier and more resilient. Sometimes I often came to session feeling tired and overwhelmed, a little drained if I may say so, yet I left feeling so much more energetic and happier.

I love the way you set us ‘homework’, and it was great to hear what others were feeling and thinking. I loved the way you questioned us if we gave too generic answers, and I wish we had more in each session. The hour flew by.

Angelique has an inquisitive yet patient style of teaching mindfulness. Her passion for the subject, coupled with stories and sense of humour make learn about this mindfulness a joyful experience. If you are new or someone who has practiced before a short course with Angelique can only do you good.

Hitesh, BP

I really enjoyed the sessions. I was going through a very stressful period both at work and home. I though I will drop off due to work commitments. But after attending  the first session, I really found the value in being mindful and the meditations helped me relax. As I started practicing different meditation styles, I started using them more often - even when I am even little distressed. I now use it even when I am little tired it helps me rejuvenate. 

I appreciate the time you took to make sure the whole class were in the session. You explained all the concepts clearly and with the right depth. I don’t have much to say about areas to improve as I just loved the sessions."

Mayur, BP

“ Though being a mindfulness practitioner myself, it was very interesting to learn more about the practice and learn different techniques. Being in a group environment, Angélique ensured that all attendees' needs were met and she also provided a great balance between the theory and practice. I found Angélique to be extremely knowledgeable in her practice and she provided great practical tips that the attendees were able to take away and start using immediately. It was a delightful pleasure to have worked with her I’ve found that I seem mentally more focussed and able to think clearer. Everyone should at least give it a go – more so if it is not something that you are inclined to do as an obvious choice.”

Rakish, BP

“Thank you for the course and the way you conducted it. As I have already been following Mindfulness, your course helped me learn new tricks and tools

Mental well being a big issue in today’s life so having mindfulness and meditation sessions definitely helps people deal with stress better but more importantly helps them to reflect on their behaviour and relationship around them.  My life changed for better since I started this few years back.

I would definitely recommend Angelique’s mindfulness classes as she brings passion, energy and more importantly practicality in how to deal with stress and relationships.”

Haresh, BP

“The mindfulness theories were backed up with lots of data which helped me overcome any doubts I had about it as a valid technique to explore. It has benefitted me by teaching me skills so that I can now control my stress levels. This has helped me to improve my ability to focus on my work but perhaps more importantly has taught me how to tune into the people around me. I didn’t tell colleagues that I was attending this course but some have noticed a change in me for the better.

The course was intense and further one to one conversations would have been beneficial. In a group setting with limited time it is not always possible to share everything you want to.”

Emma, BP

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