Meet Angélique

Engineer by training (Master in Mechanical Engineering from UTC, France) with a world class MBA (University of Cambridge).16 years in International corporations at senior roles in operations, procurement, sales, audit, hedging / trading, venturing and digital innovation. I built up an in-depth knowledge and insight into organisations to offer the highest transformational services to high performers and entrepreneurs.

I left my corporate career to dedicate my talents to my mentorships. Weaving together psychology, higheer consciousness & energy, tibetan medecine, eastern and occidental ancient philosophy, and neuroscience. I have a concrete collection of powerful, TANGIBLE results within the workplace and with my clients. My approach is down to earth, PRAGMATIC, whilst HOLISTIC... My practice has evolved to the stage that technics have dissolved to let me directly connect to my client's source, heart, higher mind to achieve greater authenticity and alignment for themselves.

Lately, my heart mission has been to support in addition high powered high pressured men and women in conceiving - a high level of chronic stress impact reproduction abilities, and helping them to pursue a more calm and settled pregnancy, birth and post partum - you can learn more on . Parents conditioning and stress get transferred to the baby within the womb. There is a real difference even just after birth, of baby's behavior if the couple has followed a conscious path or kept with the highly intense lifestyle.

Trained in
  • Workplace Mindfulness Trainer (based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

  • Sophrologist (IFS)

  • Energy Expert & Teacher & Channel

  • Speaking therapist

  • Shadow Work practioner

  • Tibetan Traditional Medecine (Ku Nye, Healing Mantra)

  • Sounds with Jens Zygar

  • Hypnobirthing (KGH), Post partum Doula

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