Consultation Pre-Questionnaire


My practice is an extreme dedicated and high-end energy & transformational program. Clients are usually mind-blown by their own progress.

The accelerated transformation lies with my ability to fully integrate at the SAME time your body / emotions / mind and inner gifts - Think of your psychotherapist (mix of CBT and shadow work), your meditation teacher / Hypnotherapist (your own specific meditation), your energy expert (channeling your own specific codes altering your body cells memory), your PT regrouped (there is some physical activities) all in 1 session.


Pristine energy. Goodness. Naked Truth. Total commitment. Trust. Underpin the container I am creating for you.

My bespoke 3-month journeys are priced at 5,000 £ (non-negotiable, non-refundable). They are life changing. Right from the 1st session. Your health, your business and all your relationships will see the ripple effect of this deep inner energetical work.

The speed of the rest of your transformation depends upon the level of your own commitment to our sessions and in between our session to the guidance (and "homework") which I will be providing.

I carefully select the people whom feels really commited and ready to work with me.  It would greatly help if you could provide me with the below information (which remains confidential) for our free 20 minutes call to present each other. Upon this call, our 1st session will be booked. An immediate down payment will need to be made (so have your details ready).

The call takes place over WhatsApp or Zoom.


Sessions can be done fully Online or In person (London, Paris). In English and in French.

Examples of tangible results:

"After only the 3rd session, one of my client fully stopped having panic attacks during the night (waking her 2 to 3 times per night for a good month) and recovered her full 7h of straight sleep. Within the end of the 6 weeks journey, her periods were back, full authority at work regained (high powered financial company) and new career opportunities materialising."


"Another client in a high pressured role, had been sleep deprived for more than 3 months with arising anxiety, feeling transparent at work, and experiencing increased conflicts within her couple. Within 1 session with me, she flipped everything around improving drastically her communication skills, changing the dynamic of her couple, getting what she wanted at work PLUS her full sleep recovery."

"A client in transition to a very senior position reached out to me to help him prepare for his Assessment center, which he aced. We worked on the second session on his financial package, which he entirely got. And pursued the journey to help him settle and make the most of his first 90 days with his new team. He had never felt that calm and confident through the entire journey of making his next career move whilts upleveling massively his confidence."

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