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Drop in meditation

Taster Sessions / Public speaking / Webinars

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Courses 

Stress Reduction / Focus / Creative program (Sophrology)

What will be covered:

  • Neuroscience of meditation

  • Re-awakening the senses of the body

  • Using the breath as the anchor to disconnect the "autopilot" / "fight or flight" excessive reactions​

  • Identify the story that the ego is telling itself and the projection made on others

  • Shifting perception on challenging situation

  • Alchemy to wellness with loving kindness

How: ​

  • 6 to 8 weeks program which can be tailored to integrated an emotional intelligence / mindful leadership / boosting creativity module.



What will be covered:

  • Program will tap into a set of physical exercises of dynamic relaxation and light hypnosis / visualisations which will be fully customised upon the target defined by you in the kick off session, your health conditions and your personal resources (hobbies, places, ..)

  • Upon the kick off meeting, a tailored programme of 8-10 weeks is created, composed of a curative phase (releasing the fear, installing calm) and preventive phase (re-awakening innate capabilities and reprogramming)

  • Recordings of the sessions are made available for you to redo the exercises at home in between scheduled session (repetition is key)

Audience: young children, teenager, pregnant women, senior, athletes, actors, public speakers

  • Improvement of quality of life:

    • Improvement of quality of life ( increase self confidence (as: at work, as a parent, with men / women,…, deal with emotions such as anger / anxiety / stress, dealing with performance at work / at school, Insomnia / sleep disorder, pregnancy (releasing stress before giving birth)

    • Preparation for a particular event (exam, public speaking, big presentation, theatre performance, any type of competition)

  • Supporting emotionally medical therapy

    • Pre operation preparation, post operation treatments

    • Phobias, Addictions



Shadow work


Ascension journey

... and more

How does that work​

Individual sessions:

  • I am tuning in 30 minutes before the appointment to understand your general situation. This will help me identify some of the questions i will ask you upon your arrival. Upon the discussion and "reading" your energy, i will engage either in a psycho-energetic session (where i voice what you need to become aware of) or a silent hands on healing (channeling the particular energy frequency that you require at that point in time)

  • Mentoring package of 9 sessions. Prices on demand.

Group sessions:​

  • Formal teaching:

    • Angelic Reiki (level 1&2, Level 3&4, Practitioner, Teacher)​. In person

    • 101 - Understanding your energy system - foundation (8 classes of 1h30) - Online via Zoom

    • 201 - Practicing reading energies - Online via Zoom

    • 301 - Going deeper, Shadow Work and ascension journey

  • Workshops and teleconferences

    • Selected thematics emerging from the collective field​

    • Heart opening / deepening & Cacao ceremony

  • Drop in energy transmission sessions​ (heart based)

  • Retreats



  • Puberty

  • Painfull PMS

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Abortion

  • Miscarriage

  • IVF

  • Pregnancy

  • Postpartum depression

  • Recovery from a traumatic birth

  • Menopause

Go to the website : for more details

All these situations are so sensitivite and women tend to "men up" rather than actually soften, which is what is required.

Please, if you are encountering any of the above situations, allow yourself to have a chat with me. Even sometimes just a few minutes of talking can be extremely helpful.

As for the pregnancy, there is a real opportunity to live a unique experience which we  may have all dreamed of and really make the birth the most beautiful day of your life.

Exemples of what I do offer for each situation:​

  • Puberty: helping the young lady to accept and live with more serenity the changes in her body. I would recommend a sophrology programme of a few sessions

  • Painfull PMS, Sexual Trauma: my recommendation would be to do 1 or 2 energy / reiki treatments to heal the unbalance in the body. It might be that an additional few sessions of Experiential Healing might be necessary to let the pain speaks. A few reasons behind this along with a family pattern, a rejection of the woman biology and condition.

  • Abortion: a sophrology programme before the session can help reduce the anxiety, stress and feeling of culpability which the perspective of the procedure will generate. Post procedure, I do Strongly recommend an energy session to rebalance the womb and heal any physical and emotional traumatic residuals. It will help to make peace with the little soul too.

  • Miscarriage: holds strong emotional pain, culpabilities. Women experience a decrease of confidence in their natural ability to conceive. a healing session coupled with a Sophrology program can help make peace with the body, decrease stress and anxiety around the responsability of getting pregnant and focus on building up a new confidence in her innate ability to conceive by connecting and working "hand in hand" with the womb to create a welcoming and fertile environment.

  • IVF: The desire for children is so strong and often before that stage there would have been already a long journey to be pregnant. Sophrology will be highly recommended to alleviate the stressful steps that the IVF requires, give a bit of a breather and space to the woman and help create a welcoming environment for the embryon in the womb. It's one of the step to increase the chance of success of the procedure and yet bringing more softness and humanness to what the women is experiencing.

  • Pregnancy

    • Getting pregnant: one of the main distressing factor for women to get pregnant is actually her stress level which impacts her hormones and the womb environment. A healing session coupled with a few sessions of sophrology can help reduce this stress level and increase the level of confidence of getting pregnant.

    • During the pregnancy: 

      • Sophrology + healing (1st & 2nd term): to decrease the pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, live a more serene pregnancy and develop a strong connection with baby (paramount for the birth). It will help as well to approach the change of identity and reassuring the woman on her innate future mother skills.

      • Antenatal course & KGHypnobirthing (3rd term): a brilliant 10h-12h course (recommended by midwives, obstetricians, often referred as better than the local NCT course) which gives you all the information that you need to know about the decisions you need to take for your birth (home-birth, midwife unit or obstetric unit), and prepare you for a controlled and calm birth where women really feel empowered. Hypnobirthing allows a less traumatic birth for the baby, who is quite calm upon birth. It's a course recognised by the RCM (Royal College of Midwifery).

    • After the pregnancy: a healing session can support a faster recovery

  • Postpartum depression: ​a combination of circumstances lead to a depression that often women shy from, undermining the "high level of emotions" and blaming the "lack of sleep". It's a real emotional distress. From an energetic point of view, it can be felt as a separation from the baby which used to be present 24/7... leaving a "hole", a feeling of "emptiness". A healing session can help alleviate these feelings and overwhelming emotions and restore the womb blueprint. A few sophrology sessions can help the mum have shorter and stronger recovery sleep as well as increase her energy level.

  • Recovery from a traumatic birth (C-section, forceps, ventouse): the mother body will be left very traumatised and deep fear imprinted. A healing session combined with sophrology programme to reframe the event and release the fear experienced is strongly adviced. It will be beneficial particularly in the event of future pregrnancies.

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